Grace and Jesra are doing great

Jesra en GraceBlack Welsh Cob-mare Ysbryd-Y-Mynydd Amazing Grace (Grace), we bought at the Welsh Cob Sale in 2011, has stayed in the neighbourhoud. Jesra van den Hurk became her new owner about a year ago. She send us an email. “Just to let you know that Grace is doing great”, says Jesra. 

Jesra and Grace get to know each other better and better. “each week we hack out and Grace likes to jump ditches and  tree trunks. She really likes to cuddle and to get attention. She’s doing well in the lessons and in January we will become a ponyclub-member. We will start riding small competitions.”


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  1. Hello Jesra, How pleased I am to have news of Grace and thank you for the contact. I intended to contact you some months but I hjave been quite aeriously ill and still cannoy walk – the reason I sold her. I am so pleased to know that you are happy with her, she was a very good kind mare with me and I was very fond of her. I still miss her. I still have Fifi her 2 year old filly who is still lame on her near hind fetlock area and will not be sound so she may be covered next year. Good to hear that she is doing cross country, I always liked her paces and thought she might do dressage. Good luck with her and I hope to get occasional updates about your progress with her. Regards Keith

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