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Lhamara HSH slaagt voor EPTM en wordt ster

Lhamara HSH (Verdi x Cento) is op 3 oktober 2019 op het KWPN Centrum in Ermelo geslaagd voor de EPTM-test. Bovendien werd ze op de aansluitende stamboekkeuring ster verklaard.

Lhamara werd zadelmak gemaakt door Ronald Schreibelt die haar op 2 september 2019 in Ermelo netjes voorstelde aan de EPTM commissie. In de weken dat ze op het KWPN Centrum stond werd Lhamara gereden door KWPN Stalamazone Sharon Severein. Lhamara liet zich fijn rijden en liet steeds goede sprongen zien.


Op drie oktober deed Lhamara examen en slaagde met 77 punten. Ze is dragend van verrichtingskampioen Komme Casall (Comme Il Faut x Casall) en haar buik was inmiddels al goed zichtbaar. Het EPTM-examen en de stamboekkeuring op dezelfde dag waren dan ook haar laatste optredens voor haar zwangerschapsverlof.


Bij de stamboekopname werd Lhamara ster met 70 punten voor exterieur en 75 voor springen.


Colt foals 2019: Oquento HSH, Ouitano HSH and Odiliano HSH are sold

In 2019, three colts and two fillies were born. The colts have all been sold. Ouitano HSH (Quite Capitol x Canturano) was sold to Dutch international eventing rider Merel Blom. Oquento HSH (Quite Capitol x Cento) and Odiliano HSH (Spielberg x Florencio) were auctioned at the Dutch Topfoal auction in Lunteren.

Oquento HSH (Quite Capitol x Cento) was sold to Ireland at Veulenveiling Midden-Nederland 2019

On September 4th, 2019 two colt foals, representing both our dressage and our show-jumping breeding, were auctioned at Veulenveiling Midden-Nederland in Lunteren (NL).

Oquento HSH (Quite Capitol x Cento) was sold to Ireland. Odiliano HSH (Spielberg x Florencio) will stay in the Netherlands and move to the Betuwe.

Ouitano HSH (Quite Capitol x Canturano) was sold to Dutch international eventing rider Merel Blom.

Not only Ouitano HSH was sold, but also his dam Genova has a new owner. The elite mare is now owned by Lobke Geerdink and will stay in our stables.


The fillies that were born in 2019 are: ET-foal Omahra HSH (Taloubet Z x Cento – same dam as Oquento HSH) and the cremello Welshpony HSH One Perfect Lady (Maarlens Romeo x Spring Stars Spirit )

Odiliano HSH at Auction on September 4th

Odiliano HSH. ©Wilma Frenz
Odiliano HSH. ©Wilma Frentz

We’re very proud our third generation homebred Odiliano HSH (Spielberg x Florencio) was selected out of more than 600 foals, to be auctioned at veulenveiling Midden-Nederland on September 4th, 2019.

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Odiliano HSH comes from a lineage of versatile and healthy horses.

Versatile and healthy

Odiliano’s dam Kendilia HSH (by Florencio) recently got het PROK-certificate. Jeanet te Brummelstroete started riding the mare.

Henk Smalbraak himself competed Kendilia’s grandmother Endilia in showjumping (1.20m) and eventing (1.00m).

Jeanet te Brummelstroete competed in Medium dressage with Kendilia’s mother Shifra (Goodtimes x Saluut). She also became three times regional champion with Shifra in eventing up to 1.00m-level. Beau Vos jumped Shifra at 1.30m-level and in the meantime the now 20-year-old Shifra had 5 foals and is now in foal to Komme Casall.

Jeanet also competed with Shifra’s sister Zendilia HSH (Florencio) at Advanced medium level dressage, 1.10m showjumping and 0.90m eventing.

Also Shifra’s brother Karlos was at Advanced medium level and jumped 1.30m, before he was sold to the UK.

Before Shifra started her sports career, she had one foal in 2003 by Idocus. This Wakiki HSH was sold to Spain where he jumped international 1.30m. as well as CIC1*. He now has a career in dressage.

Eleven years after her first foal, Shifra had her second foal Jump Star HSH, who has started his career in jumping.

Olympic dressage horse Avontuur

Probably one of the most famous horses out of this lineage is Avontuur (Ultrazon x Watteau xx), who was an Olympic dressage horse for the American Kathleen Raine. He was one of America’s most successful dressage horses in the 1990s.

Endilia’s dam Wendilia (Master x Watteau xx) is the halfsister of Avontuur.

At Auction September 4th, 2019 
Veulenveiling Midden-Nederland

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Thamara M gave us two foals in 2019

Thamara M (Cento x Coriano) gave us two foals in 2019. On May 5th, surrogate mare Karla gave birth to an ET filly foal by Taloubet Z and on May 14th Thamara M herself gave us a colt foal by Quite Capitol.

Omahra HSH (Taloubet Z x Cento) is a very correct dark bay filly foal. She probably won’t be a very big horse in the future, but she already has a great personality.

Grey colt foal Oquento HSH (Quite Capitol x Cento) was selected out of over 600 foals to be auctioned at Veulenveiling Midden-Nederland in Lunteren on September 4th, 2019. He is very athletic en quite a show-off.

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International jumping Siblings

The siblings of Oquento HSH and Omahra HSH are doing great in the Showjumping arena.

Jababento HSH
Jababento HSH
  • MTM Como No jumps at 1.55m level and he won a HITS Grand Prix last year with Tracy Fenney (USA)
  • Fischer M was sold through the Borculo Elite Foal Auction in 2010 to Veronika Tureckova (CZE) who jumps 1.40m with him
  • Gonda M had foals and is now jumping 1.30m with Aleksandra Pushkarskaya (RUS)
  • Perthy Jackson is 7-years-old now and already jumped and won 1.40m and 1.45m-courses with Gyula Szuhai (HUN) and Máté Berkes (HUN)
  • Imara M was sold to Belgium as a foal and was last yeat sold to Lisa Cubitt (NZL) after she showed so much quality at an international show in Opglabbeek. Cubitt took the mare to the MET Tour this year where she was also very succesful. At 6 she now jumps 1.20m
  • Jababento HSH was sold as a foal through the KWPN Online Auction to Portugal. Last month he jumped some clear 1.20m-courses for 5-year-olds with Hugo Carvalho (POR), who has sold him to a fellow countyman. ‘This horse is top quality’, says Carvalho.
  • Khalvaro HSH was sold as a foal at the Dronten auction in 2015. He recently started his showjumping career with Connie Sturgess and it’s looking very good.
  • Lhamara HSH, Nhamara HSH and Omahra HSH are retained at stud.
  • Oquento HSH could be your future star!

At auction September 4th, 2019
Veulenveiling Midden-Nederland

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Foals 2019

In 2019, five foals were born at HSHorses.

Ouitano HSH
April 20th, filly
sire. Quite Capitol
dam. Genova, elite
Canturano x Lennard

Odiliano HSH
April 25th, colt
sire. Spielberg
dam. Kendilia HSH, PROK
Florencio x Goodtimes

Omahra HSH (ET)
May 5th, filly
sire. Taloubet Z
dam. Thamara M, stamm 275
Cento x Coriano

Oquento HSH
May 14th, colt
sire. Quite Capitol
dam. Thamara M, stamm 275
Cento x Coriano

Welsh B
HSH One Perfect Lady
May 23rd, filly
sire. Maarlen’s Romeo
dam. HSH First Lady, ster
by Spring Star’s Spirit