Raine di Liano HSH

v. Le Formidable
m. Lendilia HSH
mv. Florencio

Geboren : 17 mei 2021

To be auctioned at www.dutchtopfoals.com

The colt Raine di Liano HSH is a descendant of a formidable champion of the KWPN Stallion Show. Everyone agreed the champion should be Le Formidable. No name could fit him better. Dam Lendilia HSH (prok) is a 5-year-old daughter of two-time world champion Florencio. The line continues with the Z1 and 1.30m classified mare, Shifra (keur, sport), by the all-rounder Goodtimes. The mare competed in three different disciplines. The mare Endilia (ster, pref, prest) is the third dam. She is a daughter of the GP stallion Saluut. She also produced sport horses in various disciplines. Kathleen Raine’s Olympic dressage horse Avontuur and the KWPN-stallions Huzaar and Ovidius also come out of this mare line.

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