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Dutch Top Foal Auction 2021

Two of our foals were selected for the Dutch Top Foal Auction Veulenveiling Midden Nederland 2021.

Our beautiful black dressage colt Raine di Liano HSH (Le Formidable x Florencio) and our very talented bay jumping colt Rhandocento HSH (Grandorado TN x Cento)

The auction is September 1st 2021 in Lunteren, Netherlands and will be LIVE as well as ONLINE.

Rhandocento HSH

Rhandocento HSH

Grandorado TN x Cento x Coriano
KWPN jumping foal 2021, bay colt

Halfbrother of a European Champion and four more international jumping horses

Raine di Liano HSH

Raine di Liano HSH

Le Formidable x Florencio x Goodtimes
KWPN dressage foal 2021, black colt

Black son of a striking champion with a kingly attitude himself

Drie veulens geselecteerd voor veulenveilingen

In 2021 werden bij HSHorses drie KWPN hengstveulens geboren en alle drie zijn geselecteerd voor veulenveilingen.

Rhadocento HSH (Grandorado TN x Cento). © Veiling Dronten / Wilma Frentz

De zwarte Raine di Liano HSH (Le Formidable x Florencio) en de bruine Rhandocento HSH (Grandorado TN x Cento) komen op 1 september 2021 op Veulenveiling Midden Nederland in Lunteren onder de hamer. Rhadocento HSH (Grandorado TN x Cento) wordt door Veiling Dronten geveild op 3 september in Ermelo.

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